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Dr. Seegers practices a unique approach to clinical nutrition that involves a combination of clinical nutrition and functional medicine to treat and heal the body. Clinical nutrition and functional medicine focus on finding the root causes of issues and treating them in a holistic way that doesn’t jump to medication first. Treatment is designed to heal your body and its systems from the inside out, and will include changes to your diet through guided clinical nutrition.

After examining symptoms, Dr. Seegers will take an extensive look at your medical history, and may order blood work, urinalysis and other tests, to try to find what is causing an imbalance in your body. Many people turn to clinical nutrition and functional medicine because they haven’t had success with traditional western medicine, or because they have an interest in learning about alternative approaches to their medical problems.

Clinical nutrition and functional medicine can be used instead of, or in addition to, western medicine because it focuses not only on symptoms but on what specifically is causing them. Giving the body what it needs to heal at a cellular level while supporting you at an energetic and emotional level results in improved personal health. After all, isn’t that what health care is really all about?

For individual nutrition appointments, please call our office at 360-647-1970.


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